What is Upala

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Upala at a glance

Upala is an anti-Sybil system for DApps and a decentralized digital identity.

  • Provides a digital identity uniqueness score in dollars (Price of forgery).
  • Utilizes the social responsibility concept (“Invite only trusted members, or lose your money and reputation”).
  • Hierarchical social graph. Built with groups. Stored on-chain.
  • Simple off-chain graph analysis and on-chain proofs.
  • Upala is a protocol. It enables to build different identity systems united under the same scoring standard.
  • The protocol can wrap over existing systems (Bright ID, Humanity DAO, Idena) and unite them.

Check out this 4 min video on how Upala works if you prefer.

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Price of forgery

Upala provides a digital identity uniqueness score. The score is valued in dollars and represents the explosion price - an amount of money that an identity holder can get at any time for deleting their ID. The higher the explosion price the higher the owner values the ID and the safer it is for DApps to interact with.

The building block of Upala social graph is a group. The explosions payouts are provided by groups pools. Thus groups tend to consist of people who believe that other members value their IDs equally.

Groups may earn by providing user scores to dapps and/or from user deposits and are incentivized to gather as many users as possible. Users are incentivized to choose groups giving the highest scores. At the same time the higher the explosion price (the score), the higher is the incentive to forge an identity. The market drives these prices to the equilibrium for every user (much in the same way as insurance rates balance).

The Protocol and the Universe

Upala is a protocol and everything built with it.

Rather than building a single system, we developed a digital identity scoring protocol. We use the protocol to build a family of unique identity systems, wrap around existing ones and provide tools for other developers to build their own unique identity solutions. The protocol unites different identity systems under the same scoring standard.

The Upala protocol (Explosive bots protocol) is a simple incentive layer that helps build different identity systems. It also helps to unite Upala-native identity systems and existing ones (by wrapping Upala around them) under the same identity standard.

Upala Universe is everything built on top of or wrapped with the Upala Protocol.

Design philosophy

  • Protect bots rights
  • Right incentives first
  • Everything which is not forbidden is allowed
  • Crypto-economic constrains instead of code constrains

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